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My Approach

Dr. Marley is a dual-licensed clinical and school psychologist which brings a unique perspective to those she is assessing through psychological testing.  Dr. Marley enjoys routinely working in a variety of arenas to sharpen her skills and consistently meets the needs of the community.  This allows Dr. Marley the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and assist adults, children, and families in a holistic manner.  Such a perspective often includes connecting clients to additional professionals for varied forms of healthcare which, in turn, improves one's mental health.  

Dr. Marley provides clinical therapeutic services using an eclectic treatment style depending upon the clients' needs.  However, Dr. Marley often utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach in addition to a Rogerian style of therapy so clients can implement a hands-on approach to therapeutic strategies, embrace a new way of thinking, and feel supported in a non-judgmental environment.  Dr. Marley provides counseling services to those age 5 snd older for a variety of mental health disorders.  

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