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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

Healing and Wellness


About Me

Melody is a Clinical Psychologist who earned her PhD from Indiana State University and holds a Health Service Provider (HSPP) Licensure from the State of Indiana.

Dr. Marley facilitates individual counseling (ages 5 and older), family counseling, and couples counseling (18 and over). She specializes in psychological assessment for needs related to ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Difficulties, Personality Disorders, College Readiness, and Career Decision-Making.

Dr. Marley has 29 years of professional experience in the realms of Private Practice, Community Mental Health, Schools, Community Psychiatric Crisis Teams and Program Management at a Psychiatric Hospital. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, and has presented at several psychological seminars.

Dr. Marley practices an integrated therapeutic model during which she often connects clients to additional resources while coordinating appropriate services with additional professionals. She strives to educate and empower individuals to actively overcome their challenges and better their lives.


Specializing in Counseling &
                Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are tools utilized by psychologists to assist clients in understanding their cognition and how it relates to daily functioning.  Using a cross-battery approach to determine one's functionality, Dr. Marley has capability for psychological assessments within the areas related to cognition, autism, ADHD, mental health diagnoses, personality disorders, educational functioning, career paths and general needs.  If you have a question regarding assessments for a particular area, contact Dr. Marley for a personal conversation.  

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders include disorders that share features of fear and anxiety with possible behavioral disturbances.  The trademark of anxiety is anticipation of a future threat and may be accompanied by panic attacks.  Anxiety disorders differ from other disorders by being excessive or persisting beyond developmentally appropriate periods.  Anxiety disorders begin in childhood and persist into adulthood, if not treated.  Dr. Marley addresses anxiety disorders using a cognitive-behavioral theoretical approach while encompassing a Rogerian therapeutic style; this approach is highly effective for all anxiety disorders with clients experiencing relief from anxiety in ways they previously could not imagine.  

Depressive Disorders

Depressive Disorders include a number of disorders that are characterized by symptoms such as sad, empty, or irritable mood and accompanied by somatic an cognitive changes that significantly affect one's capacity to function; differences between various depressive disorders involve timing, duration, and etiology.  Dr. Marley addresses depressive disorders utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach with a Rogerian therapeutic style to help clients experience relief from symptoms in a timely manner.  

Insight Therapy

Insight therapy, or insight oriented therapy, is client-centered talk therapy with a goal of helping clients understand themselves better.  With a safe space atmosphere and lack of judgement, this leads to an opportunity for clients to openly express their thoughts which, in turn, leads to decreased mental health symptoms and greater functionality.  

Trauma Disorders

Psychological trauma results from exposure to an incident or series of events that are emotionally disturbing and/or life-threatening; trauma often has lasting, adverse effects on an individual's mental, physical, social, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being and functioning.  Individual's may experience unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and/or physical symptoms in response to untreated trauma.  Dr. Marley utilizes a wholistic approach to treating trauma to meet each client's needs.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by difficulties in social communication and interaction often coupled with restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior that may limit one's daily functioning.  Individuals on the spectrum can span a wide variety of skills and needs, depending on each person's specific characteristics.  Dr. Marley works with high-functioning autistics in her practice by empowering every individual to embrace their needs and work towards identified goals for greater functionality for their lives.  

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